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Available brands: Ake Ake, Flynow, Gentlewomen, House of PB, Iconic, Kloset, Kloset etcetera, Leisure Projects, Pattric Boyle, Q design and play, Silhouette, Six P.M., Senada, Soda,  Thea by Thara, Wonder Anatomie.
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· This offer is only applicable between 20th Feb – 30th Apr 2020.
· First 5,000 customers only. Limit 1 coupon/person/day.
· Valid at Thai designer Brands at Siam Center, 1st Floor Only.
· The coupon must be shown and presented to merchandisers ahead before use. More conditions are available at the store.
· For international customers only.
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暹罗中心 Siam Center 位于曼谷中心而也作为最潮时装、新颖生活方式以及聚集时尚必有的清单之地。到了曼谷不容错过欣赏而挑选一下当地的精彩时尚。

仅在暹罗中心 Siam Center, G 层的礼品兑换柜台(近 雅诗兰黛专卖店),
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参加品牌:Ake Ake, Flynow, Gentlewomen, House of PB, Iconic, Kloset, Kloset etcetera, Leisure Projects, Pattric Boyle, Q design and play, Silhouette, Six P.M., Senada, Soda,  Thea by Thara, Wonder Anatomie.

•  本现金礼券仅可于2020220日至430日之活动时间使用。
•  本现金礼券仅供前5,000位顾客领取,每人每天限领现金礼券1张。
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ake ake
This genuine silver jewelry brand is globally recognized by its silverware Thai artisans with over 30 years of experience. The uniqueness is the design based on the Middle Ages and the exceptional furious style. Come appreciate its works at #TheGreatChapel, 1st Floor, Siam Center.

Ake ake 手工银饰品牌
泰国著名的手工银饰品牌,创始人有着30多年的银饰制作经验。其设计风格独特,融合了欧洲中世纪艺术元素, 在世界上也享有盛名。您可以到暹罗中心1楼TheGreatChapel近距离欣赏该品牌的手工银饰。

GENTLEWOMAN is an accessible fast-fashioned brand that empowers women to be confident and to be fun out of the beauty box.


"SODA" implied as effervescent was founded in 1979 when Maynart Nantakwang started off the SODA business from making simple but chic T-shirts for teenagers at Siam Center receiving a great feedback. Later on she expanded her production to a full wardrobe for women and men.

“SODA”有起泡的意思,该品牌创立于1979年。最初创始人Maynart Nantakwang在暹罗中心为年轻人制作T恤,风格简洁且精致,后来业务逐渐扩展到各种款式的男女服装。

HOUSE OF PB is a funky menswear, represent 3 brother brands Pattric Boyle , Paul B. and Foxpixel by Paul B.  Since the brand aim to wider range of the customers so they have differentiate the characters of 3 brand from each others but still identical all of it under the shade of each other by using "PB" as an initial letter in every name of the brand.

HOUSE OF PB是一个时尚男装品牌,Paul B代表了3个兄弟品牌Pattric BoylePaul B.Foxpixel。为了扩大客户群体,3个品牌分别有着不同的风格,但又彼此相通,每个品牌都以“PB”为首字母。

iCONiC Co., Ltd takes all together the intangible yet comprehensible natural elements to be translated into the arts of iCONiC apparel. The concept of “Universe Feminine” is carefully engraved into the brand. A new definition thus runs this way. All women, regardless of where they live, share the same universal quality which can be defined by the iCONiC brand. The motto of CHANGE YOU TO BE iCONiC is still the way that this brand guides and feminizes  all women, helping them to realize their own femininity via the needlework and the fabric.

iCONiC将无形但可理解的自然元素整合在一起,转化为iCONiC的服装艺术。 “ Universe Feminine”(宇宙女性)的概念深入品牌, 一个新的定义也应运而生。所有的女性,无论生活在何处,iCONiC品牌都可以赋予你同样的定义。 CHANGE YOU TO iCONiC是该品牌的口号,品牌以此为方向引导所有女性,并帮助她们通过服装来展现自己的女人味。

Kloset was founded in 2001 and it is a clothing brand unique in its feminine style incorporating the Modern Kloset design that is well-known with printed patterns and detailed embroidery. The brand can meet everyone’s needs at any age range, from shorts to luxurious party dresses.


KLOSET & ETCETERA, offers a wide products range from stationary to lifestyle products and various styles of fashion accessories that includes bags, sandals, slippers, sleeping mask, hat and many more to meet the wants and needs of first jobbers and teenagers. All the goodies are specially made with unique fabric prints, created by the very own KLOSET’s design team.


Leisure Projects
Leisure Projects is a menswear label established in 2012 by a Central Saint Martins graduate, Nattapon Kanokvaleewong. The brand’s design philosophy is to produce fun and casual clothing for modern men. The strength of the brand is the unexpected mix of styles, drawing inspirations from many aspects of the designer’s daily encounter including art, music and travel. The use of variety of fabrics, together with various techniques including printing and embroidery, creates a style with an edge that is young and exciting. The brand has received several award including The Runner Up for Vogue Who’s On next, The Vogue fashion fund, Thailand in 2017 and has been selected to showcase at The Future of Fashion Program at Who’s Next trade show, Paris in 2015

Leisure Projects是一个男装品牌,由中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院毕业生Nattapon Kanokvaleewong2012年创立。 该品牌的理念是为现代男士设计有趣的休闲服装,特别擅长打造各种不同寻常的混搭。设计师从日常中汲取灵感,包括艺术、音乐和旅行,并在设计中使用不同的面料,以及刺绣、印花等多种工艺,创造出年轻且充满活力的风格。品牌还荣获了许多时尚大奖,包括2017“Vogue Who’s On next” Vogue时尚基金奖亚军,而且曾入选参加2015年巴黎的时尚大秀Who’s Next

The most sophisticated ambitious individuals senses of style.
Pattric Boyle dedicates the brand as traditional funky and straight forward with smart, grooming, style, sophisticate and edge The strong identity of Pattric Boyle is to represent a new formal look in brand signature forms which dedicated in every collection. PATTRIC BOYLE is a style that combined the strong and fun details with creativity. The brand essence is aim to share sartorial surprise among their customers who craze on menswear.

Pattric Boyle是集传统与潮流为一体的品牌,以创意的手法打造特征鲜明、时尚、精致的风格。Pattric Boyle展示了全新的时尚品味,并在每一个系列中都有强烈的体现。该品牌的设计兼具趣味与创新,证明了男装也可以惊喜十足。

Q Design and Play
Q , street- and urbanwear brand, created and established by the admiration for the product and clothing designs of Praphat Somboonsitti and Ekkapoom Treechairusmee. Arising from a bachelor’s degree from a university, majoring in Graphic Design, Praphat was once employed by advertising company, holding the position Art Director. “Q” was therefore initially created by the experience in Graphic Design of Praphat, blended together with Ekkapoom’s fashion adoration, resulting in such charmingly simple and idyllic pieces. Their clothes are practical, ready-to-wear, yet, are in the same time distinctively unique. Every Q’s collection always has its outstandingly unique pattern, since the owners want the buyers to feel the happiness of getting dressed like they do, as the brand’s motto speaks itself up “WE DESIGN YOU PLAY”.

Q Design and Play
这是一个街头都市风格的服装品牌,创始人Praphat SomboonsittiEkkapoom Treechairusmee热爱产品和服装设计,其中Praphat拥有一所大学的平面设计专业学士学位,曾任职于广告公司,担任艺术总监一职。 因此,“ Q”最初是基于Praphat的平面设计经验所创建的,之后与热爱时尚的Ekkapoom合作,共同造就了迷人又简单的田园风设计。他们的衣服非常实用但又与众不同,每个系列都具有其独特的风格。该品牌以“We Design You Play”为口号,希望每一位顾客在穿上他们的衣服之后都能有幸福的感觉。

Silhouette Brand aims to create a perfect combination between feminine and masculine- structure silhouette keeping in mind that functionality of design matters.


This creative streetwear brand emphasizes chic and classy integration through its idea representation and inventive streetwear clothing – the uniqueness of SIX P.M.

SIX P.M独有的街头风格兼具时尚和创意,又不失优雅。

Thea by Thara
Thea by Thara presents clothing for modern ladies with classy sexiness and outstanding personality. Be sweet and confident in any situations, from working during the day to enjoying parties at night.

Thea by Thara